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   Gary Paterson  

   The Fiscal Doctor: 

   How To Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes

   5 Questions to Fueld Expansion Thinking


The Fiscal Doctor, Gary W. Paterson has helped over 200 companies in manufacturing, technology, service, construction and distribution in companies from starts-ups to Inc. 500 to Fortune 500. Several reached 10X compounded annual revenue growth. He was the European Coordinator for Global supply chain re-engineering software applications for Fortune 500 Robertson CEO (also selected a premier site of J D Edwards).

Listen to Gary's webinar for CEO Clubs on How to Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes in Growing Your Business and 5 Questions to Fuel Expansion Thinking: Find Your Million Dollar Blind Spot Before it Finds You-2015-12-08 12.02 Fiscal Clinic_ Topics Presented by Gary W Patterson, the FiscalDoctor_.mp4

     Give Them a Hand Up, Not a Hand Out


Most employees don't need a raise they just need a little help in times of financial crisis. Our   affordable short term loans can make all the difference, with no liability to the employer. Quite simply, FinFit drive positive business outcomes by improving moral and refocusing employees on their jobs and not their financial situations. 

FinFit is a comprehensive financial wellness program offering a variety of tools and education to assist employees in addressing their financial goals. FinFit also offers low-cost, short-term loans for life's unexpected challenges.

Listen to FinFit Building Employees Financial Wellness- 2015-11-17 13.02 FinFit Building Employee Financial Wellness.mp4


     Fredrik Aurdal

    Founder of

    How To Protect Yourself From Any Lawsuit

Even If It’s Completely Unexpected, 

And Your Insurance Won’t Cover The Claim

Valuable assets require the right protection from aggressive creditors. Our goal is to help keep assets such as cash, real estate, intellectual property and anything of value from being taken away from you. If not properly secured, these assets may be in danger of being acquired by creditors.

We have gathered considerable experience handling different types of cases and have formed valuable relationships with established financial institutions, attorneys and other professionals. This makes it possible for us to negotiate on behalf of clients and establish a solid asset protection plan, even when it comes to sensitive cases.

Take a look at our educational presentation, and let me know what you think:


    Shaping Your Future

  At Wealth Preservation Solutions, we specialize in providing estate planning, business succession, exit planning and asset management to business owners, professionals, wealth individuals and their families.

Listen to "The Most Common Wealth Management Mistakes that CEO's Make," as Kevin Ellman, CEO of Wealth Preservation Solutions talks us about Estate Planning, Golden Handcuffs, Active vs. Passive Investment Strategies and Business Succession Planning. 2015-10-20 13.02 The Most Common Wealth Management Mistakes CEOs Make.mp4


   University Consultants of America, Inc. (UCA)



If you or a family member are looking to attend a     College, University or Graduate school in the United States, University Consultants of America, Inc. (UCA),  will assist in the application process, essay and interview preparation.

Some college consultants merely identify colleges based upon student's resume. Others merely edit, or limit their work to essay preparation. No consultants have a directed, goal oriented program like UCA. Get the help you need listen to our webinar and contact UCA to get started in their program.  2015-05-21 13.05 University Consultants of America, Inc..wmv

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