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CEO Clubs of America has teamed up with Global Benefits Group, (GBG)  to offer International Travel Protection 


Travel Protection and Emergency Medical offers a Primary plan that includes critical benefits needed for a trip that takes you outside your Country of Residence.

      • Emergency evacuation
      • Coverage available for CEO Club members up to age 72
      • Emergency and Accidental medical treatment
      • Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Permanent Total Disability

To see all the benefits and to get a quote 

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CEO Clubs of America has partnered with FinFit, to assist in Employee Financial Wellness

FinFit provides a comprehensive Financial Wellness Program offering a variety of tools and education to assist employees in meeting their financial goals. Resources are provided to address a wide range of items from budget building and retirement planning to identity theft and various money saving methods. Additionally, FinFit Loans offers affordable, short-term financial assistance to employees experiencing substantial challenges

To see all the benefits or to register, 

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