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Steve Jobs Book and Video

Making of the The Steve Jobs movie featuring Ashton Kutcher

Why was this movie number one in China for four weeks and so disappointing in USA?


Why not find the answer. See the movie or read the book about “making the Steve Jobs Movie”.

Videos and Book; both free


Making the Steve Jobs movie” an entrepreneurial documentary case study….


Where entrepreneurship meets gumption:  to see video: click here ;

EBOOK:  printed in Chinese front to back and English back to front

This film is an enthralling entrepreneurial case study and a candid look at the behind-the-scenes process of independent film making. The movie details the efforts of Mark Hulme, a first-time producer, as he begins his adventure into the treacherous world of the "business" of American cinema with his brainchild, the feature film "JOBS". 


Its fun to read the book AFTER you have seen the documentary film

Mark had never made a movie before but like any successful entrepreneur; he just purchased a book about film making, and got started!  This documentary allows you to join Mark at a round table format with 18 other CEOs, three months before the Kutcher film opened at Sundance, as Mark shows what it takes these days to get your project onto the silver screen.


In addition, the reaction and advice from his buddies makes for an exhilarating documentary. While the feature film did only fair in USA; this same film was a blockbuster as the number one film in China for four weeks. Why?


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