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The Greater New York Chapter

Our Greater N.Y. Chapter has always had a history of great meetings and events, usually at the Harvard Club where our members learn one very important CEO motto:

 "Make money and have fun, while we learn. It's o.k. to be independent, but there is no reason to be alone.”

In recent years at the Club, when attending a CEO event you could have “brushed elbows” with Richard Fisher of the Dallas Fed and Andreas Dombret, his counterpart at the Deutsche Bundesbank; or Nina Khrushcheva, formerly of the Soviet Union, Hank Greenberg, formerly of AIG or stars such as Christopher Plummer and Vanessa Williams, as well as the ambassadors of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and the Czech Republic. Admiral Terry McKnight, whose task force captured the Somali pirates, has spoken at the Club, as did geologist Roger Anderson, whose analysis captured the costs and benefits of hydrofracking.

Over the past three decades, CEO Clubs have attracted many national figures to speak at the Harvard Club such as: Ted Turner, Herb Kelleher, Peter Grace, T. Boone Pickens, Wally Amos, Zig Ziglar, Fred Smith, Richard DeVos, Royal Little, Edson De Castro, Steve Forbes, Victor Kiam, David Neeleman, Pat McGovern, Michael Bloomberg, Ken Fisher, Elliot Spitzer, Peter Peterson and Donald Trump; just to name a few who have addressed the Club.

Nevertheless, we’ve had an outstanding response to the concept of CEOs meeting other CEOs, gaining insights from each other and sharing relevant information over the last 40 years. Through speakers, panels, roundtables or the one-on-one exchange of ideas between CEOs, we provide our Members, with critical, up-to-date information to help them become more successful leaders and run more profitable organizations.

The club meets eight to ten times a year for a luncheon program as well as has various social events throughout the year and an annual forum. A member of one chapter is a member of all chapters. The morning is spent in roundtables and a speaker usually concludes the program. Other meetings are also scheduled with no speaker, or with site visits or with members from other countries.

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Exclusive access to speakers and business building experiences are just some of the highlights CEO Club members can expect from CEO Clubs.

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