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In the past few years, eBooks have been a very popular method among online authorities for promoting themselves and the great work that they can do. The eBook is a highly diversified piece of content.


Basically, there are four types of eBooks. First, there are eBooks that are merely digital versions of print books, and these usually do carry a cost. Secondly, there are eBooks that authors charge for but are only available digitally. Thirdly, there are eBooks that authors use as a sort of incentive for a potential customer to take a desirable action, such as filling out a form or signing up for a newsletter. Lastly, there are the kind of eBooks that authors make available online for free undefined 100%, with no strings attached.


This last kind eBook is what today’s post consists of. All of the books below can be downloaded for free by going to the webpage the titles are linked to. They range from 7 pages to 86 pages and are written by some of the best known business bloggers on the web. None of these great books require any kind information to be submitted. So read on…


The New Rules of Viral Marketing” by David Meerman Scott


Author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, David Scott is one of the pioneering authorities on digital marketing. This well-written digital books piggy-backs on the ideas in his well-known book and adds a few additional insights in regards to the viral nature of certain content.



Personal Branding for the Business Professional” byChris Brogan


Chris Brogan, author of Trust Agents, Social Media 101, and Google+ for Business, is probably the single most popular name that people associate with social media. In this informative little eBook, Chris shows social media can be used as a platform for creating a professional image.


How to Crush It, Kill It and Master Cold Calling Now” by S. Anthony Iannarino


Anthony Iannarino’s blog, The Sales Blog, is probably the most widely-read sales blog on the web. Contrary to the direction that many sales professionals are headed, Anthony believes that cold calling still works… and that’s what his nicely formatted, straight-to-the-point eBook is all about.


Social Media Engagement and How to Make It Work for Your Business” by Marjorie J. Clayman


Margie Clayman writes about social issues, marketing, lifestyle, social media, self-improvement, and much more. Her eBook consists of 86 pages of some of her best articles on using social media for business.


Content Marketing Playbook” by Jonathan Kranz andJoe Pullizzi


This great little eBook is put out by a few leaders from the Content Marketing Institute. Last year, the organization formed and held its first Content Marketing World conference in Cleveland, Ohio undefined attracting dozens of the best known names in digital media.


Selling in a Tough Economy” by Mark Hunter


Mark Hunter, aka “The Sales Hunter,” is one of the best sales trainers online in regards to content production. He has a fantastic blog, great videos on YouTube, and about a half dozen highly informative eBooks all available for free.


Podcasting Marketing” by Christopher S. Penn


Chris Penn co-hosts the highly Marketing Over Coffee podcast, and is known as the authority on podcasting as a promotional platform. This nice little eBook provides a checklist for business people who may want to explore the medium.


What Matters Now” by Seth Godin


Seth Godin is probably the most widely-recognized author on this list. Authoring dozens of books including Permission Marketing, Purple Cow, and Linchpin. This 82 page eBook is an inspiring piece of motivational literature for professional as well as personal development.


35 Ways to Prospect More Creatively” by Paul Castain


Paul Castain, founder of one of the most interactive groups on LinkedIn undefined Sales Playbook, is one of the most prominent sales leaders involved with social media. In addition to the group, Paul writes an excellent blog, does a fantastic podcast, and even has experimented with a little video. This 7-page eBook is a witty list of non-conventional ways to get a prospective customer’s attention.


13 Ways to Win Customers for Free” by Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz, author of several print books including Successful Selling, is a widely-known expert on issues related to sales and marketing. He offers great insight into the sales process and lead generation undefined among other things. His eBook details 13 simple ways to get customers in the door.


Let’s Talk Social Media for Small Business” by John Jantsch


John Jantsch is usually the first name that will pop into your head if you hear the term “small business consultant.” Author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine, John also writes a killer blog and does a wonderful podcast in which he interviews other great business leaders and authors. John’s eBook, as the title implies, is about how small business owners can take advantage of the social media revolution to level the playing field in their industries.


Why Simple Works” by Danny Brown


Danny Brown is one of the most highly-regarded online authorities regarding blogging and social media. For years, he has written profoundly on digital branding and personal development. His insightful little eBooks is a call to bring simplicity back into business.



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